A consulting firm centered on the development of human potential


Created in 2007, Five Consult is a consulting firm centered on developing the potential of individuals, teams and companies.

Five Consult works with :

- companies :
  • in the development of their employees' behavioral skills through coaching or training sessions.
  • working behind-the-scenes in giving advices on issues related to Human Resources or Human relationships.
  • in the direction of the company’s Human Resources projects and activities.
- individuals who want to reexamine their career plans.

Intervention areas

No matter what support is needed, Five Consult always accompanies individuals, teams or organizations in the optimization of the use of their own resources and in the development of their autonomy. It is indeed in full autonomy that individuals develop their sense of responsibility, efficiency and adaptability. All of these being important for businesses that are constantly facing changes.

      Individual autonomy arrow individual performance arrow collective performance

Our Values

Ethical behavior, professionalism, flexibility, pragmatism, transparency and respect are the key values of Five Consult.

Your guarantee

To ensure the quality of the Human Resources or Human Relationships services offered, Five Consult actively participates in :

  • training sessions or conferences
  • professional exchanges among different HR networks
  • supervised coaching sessions

As many steps which are essential for ethical practice of the profession and for a regular update of our scope of specialization and of the competences that we place at your disposal.

Five Consult commits itself to accept only missions that are related to its specific competences. If needed, we will direct you to other active members of our professional network and suggest complementary collaborations.