services to private individuals

Giving meaning to your career

Services to private individuals

Giving meaning to your personal career : this is what Five Consult is all about.

There are many people who realize at some point in their professional life that they are not where they want to be… but they do not know how, by themselves, to find what job, sector, or work environment would better suit them.

Five Consult, whether through coaching, consulting or behavioral skills evaluation, can lead individuals to discover their new career path.

Based on the premise that each person has within themselves the necessary resources to find their own solutions, Five Consult helps individuals gain insight into their own modus operandi, their strengths, weaknesses, preferences,… This step is essential in redesigning one’s career path.


It is easy for people today to get trapped in their own perspective and way of acting. Because of the nature of today’s business world (shorter and shorter delay, complex environment,…), the ability to step back and take a fresh look is now a luxury.

Coaching can provide this luxury. By helping an individual to examine a situation in which he is involved, from different perspective, coaching can add real value to an organization.

Coahing is an individual, tailor made close support aiming at developing behaviors and competences (know-how) and not knowledge. Coaching helps coachee to find himself other avenues of thought and additional options when facing a problematic situation. Through open dialogue, active listening and creative questioning, coaching allows individuals to develop their creativity, to identify new perspectives and to optimize resources utilization.

By a better understanding of him or herself, the coachee will find his or her own solutions, his or her own ways to reach his or her objectives. Coaching aims indeed at reaching autonomy and not at reproducing pre-definite models.


More traditionally, consulting uses a structured approach to help individuals clearly see their career history and find their "common thread" to better prepare for the future.

Behavioral skills evaluation

This behavioral skills evaluation enables the individual to have a better knowledge of his or her professional behaviors and preferences. This assessment can be conducted in stand-alone or in combination with a coaching or consulting approach.

Arrow Why private individuals use our coaching or consulting services?

Individuals regularly use such services, among others, in the following situations :

  • desire to develop behavioral competence
  • change in career
  • desire to understand the obstacles facing a change of job function
  • having to adapt to a new function