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Optimizing the potential of employees, managers, teams and organizations

Services to companies

Across four types of diverse interactions (training, coaching, project planning and consulting), Five Consult has the same objective: help the individual, team or organizations understand their way of working. Through this understanding, appropriate solutions can be identified by the individuals and appropriate actions can be taken in order to achieve the desired goals.

Based on the client needs, Five Consult creates tailor-made partnerships. Our flexible approach means our services can be used for a few hours or for long-term partnership. With extensive background in various areas, we can help you give a fresh look at your business’ activities, problems or projects.


Five Consult proposes tailor made in-company training and workshops. Each training course is adapted to the objectives expressed by the client and to the needs expressed by the participants.

Theory alternates with practical exercises (role plays, games,…) in order for the participants to test their newly acquired skills.

At the end of each training course, participants are required to fill in a personal development plan in direct link with the objectives of the course.

Five Consult offers tailor-made training in the following Human Resources/Relationships areas :

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Public speaking
  • Stress management
  • Work organization
  • Client orientation
  • Meeting coordination and direction
  • Change management
  • Team performance development
  • People management
  • Team management
  • Recruitment
  • Evaluation procedures


It is easy for people today to get trapped in their own perspective and way of acting. Because of the nature of today’s business world (shorter and shorter delay, complex environment,…), the ability to step back and take a fresh look is now a luxury.

Coaching can provide this luxury. By helping an individual to examine a situation in which he is involved, from different perspective, coaching can add real value to an organization.

Coahing is an individual, tailor made close support aiming at developing behaviors and competences (know-how) and not knowledge. Coaching helps coachee to find himself other avenues of thought and additional options when facing a problematic situation. Through open dialogue, active listening and creative questioning, coaching allows individuals to develop their creativity, to identify new perspectives and to optimize resources utilization.

By a better understanding of him or herself, the coachee will find his or her own solutions, his or her own ways to reach his or her objectives. Coaching aims indeed at reaching autonomy and not at reproducing pre-definite models.

Why should an individual look into our coaching offer?

Amongst other reasons:

  • find a way out of a situation that seems to have hit a road block
  • improve professional behaviors and skills
  • adapt to new situations and initiate change
  • improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • develop leadership
  • unblock conflict situations
  • take a new function

Each individual is able to change if she or he has will, if she or he decides what are the changes needed and if she or he benefits from the appropriate help. The Coach has the relevant competences to bring this appropriate help (trustful relationship, confidentiality, freedom to speak,…)

Consulting/Project Direction/Operational Support

Five Consult brings added value to Human Resources departments in the following areas:

  • team management and coordination
  • training of new HR Team Members
  • value-added operational support (for Team temporarily lacking Members or those lacking competence in a specific area)
  • management of projects in Human Resources (analysis of current methods, recommendation and implementation of new processes)

Five Consult focuses on the following:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Career development
  • Evaluation Processes
  • Training
  • High potential programs
  • Management
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Internal communications

Five Consult is also available to assist you with your company’s transitions. Whether you are dealing with a structural change, change in your team members, or having to adjust your HR Department to meet the needs of a new business model, Five Consult can help you with any of these scenarios.